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Education at NMAR

All remaining classes are currently available for registration!

Continuing education is important for any professional to stay current with the latest developments and skills required for their field.

We pride ourselves on offering more than 80 credit hours of classes every year so our members can expand their industry expertise and advance in their careers.

For one low price, NMAR members can purchase a professional development voucher that covers all regular continuing education courses offered by NMAR through the licensing year.

Registration for all classes closes at noon the day prior to the class to allow staff time to get ready for the class.

Virtual Verification Forms

All attendees of virtual classes (3hr& 4hr) must complete a Virtual Verification Form at the end of class. Throughout class instruction there will be slides presented that have absolutely nothing to do with the presentation. You will need to write down that information to fill out on a form after class. Slides may also be posted in the classroom chat, attendees must monitor the chat as well.

Directly after class an email will go out to all virtual attendees with the subject line: Virtual Verification Form for Class: __________. Attendees have 24hrs to get the form in. NMAR may send out a second notice and a final notice to those individuals who don't complete the form. If the form is not completed, the attendee will not receive credit.

Credit and Certificates of Completion

All attendees, both in-person & virtual, who complete the class and all requirements for class will receive a certificate of completion for each class.

NMAR staff will take 5-10 business days after each class to verify all information before recording the class.

Once the class has been recorded emails will go out to all attendees with their certificate of completion attached. You can also check on the member portal under Continuing Education for certificates of completion.

As a reminder, it's up to each individual agent to keep track of their CE hours before renewing their license at the end of October with the BRR.


Members will need to purchase their Education Membership first, let that process, receive a confirmation email, then register for classes. Cost is $130 for the year.

Non-Members will purchase classes on an individual basis. The cost is $20/credit hour for each class.

Please call Jayne at 406-752-4313 ext 2 if you have any questions or you can email her at

Code of Ethics Requirements

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients' best interests.

The National Association of REALTORS® mandates that all REALTORS® take the Code of Ethics once in every three-year cycle. We are currently in Cycle 7 (1/1/2022 - 12/31/2024).

Click Here for more information and/or to check on your Ethics status.

If you have taken the Code of Ethics, through an online provider,  during the current cycle, please email your certificate of completion to so that we can get the course recorded for you.