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How do I watch the Communities?

How do I watch the communities? Back to Blog August 31, 2023 Have you felt the difference not just in the air, the weather, or even the back-to-school fervor. The difference of NMAR’s new Member Portal, Website, and communications. In the past couple of weeks, we have been getting a handle on how to interact…

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How do I post in a community?

How do I post in a community? August 30, 2023 Back to Blog Select the Community and a screen should show up with a light blue button that says Add New Topic. Click on that button. 2. Another screen shows up, with a Subject and Title! You can add file as well. Write your post!…

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How to re-join a community?

How to re-join a community? August 23, 2023 Back to Blog How do I join the new Communities in Member Connect? 1. Click on the top right settings button in the dark blue bar. 2. A list of all the communities you can be apart of will appear. Please select your communities. Committees will…

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